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Those listed in the First Period Houses section above are, however, those that are listed as such by the Ipswich Historical Commission. Any others from that period not listed by this organization are included in the list below. If anyone notices any discrepancies or omissions, please let me know by emailing the details to info planetipswich.

County Road Col. Fellows Road Joseph Fellows Jr. Old England Road Capt. The ten room house was built in the mid s by Abraham Choate, although the building also incorporated parts of an older structure, believed to date from around Since it has been on the National Register of Historic Places. In he was instrumental in establishing the settlement that was to become Ipswich.

He was also influential in establishing the settlement that was to become New London. In he became one of the commissioners of the United Colonies of New England. He died in Boston in April Nathaniel Ward was born in Haverhill, Suffolk, England in It is often said that The Body of Liberties was instrumental in formulating the American tradition of liberty that would eventually evolve into the United States Constitution.

The book has been described in some quarters as the most interesting literary work from America in the first half of the seventeenth century. Initially settling in Salem, then Cambridge, the Bradstreet family soon moved to Ipswich, where Anne began writing poetry, whilst also looking after their eight children; her husband being away on business for extended periods during this time.

This was the only collection of her work to be published during her lifetime; the Tenth Muse not being published in America until , when it became the first book written by a woman to be published in the United States. After eight or nine years in Ipswich, the Bradstreet family moved to North Andover, where Anne died in In , the Bradstreet Gate was opened at Harvard University in her honour, adorned by a plaque with a quote from one of her poems. The latter is set in the fictional town of Tarbox, which many people consider to be based on Ipswich; with many of the characters that the novel portrays being based on Ipswich residents of the time.

Iconic Corpse: The Romanov Family

Updike, however, always denied this. After leaving Ipswich he moved to Boston. He died of lung cancer in Danvers, Massachusetts in Don't forget to sign the Guestbook. The area once belonged to the founder of Ipswich, John Winthrop. The estate was bought in by Richard Teller Crane Jr. The mansion called Castle Hill is the second to grace the site, the first being an Italian Renaissance style building built in but demolished in to make way for the present 59 room Stuart-style house, which was completed in During this period extensive landscaping of the estate was also carried out.

In , when he was looking for somewhere to expand his business into the UK, he chose the town with the same name as that in which he had built his home.

Abram C. Van Engen

If you look closely at a picture of Castle Hill, then look at a picture of Christchurch Mansion in Ipswich, England, you will note some striking similarities. The Elizabethan style house boasts hand-moulded plaster ceilings, wall friezes, oak floors and hand-carved panelling, doors and stairways. Numerous function rooms of varying sizes are available, whilst the grounds include an outdoor chapel.

He emigrated to America in In , Samuel Appleton's original house was incorporated into a new house named 'Waldingfield'; named after the family's place of origin in England. In the acre estate was gifted to The Trustees of Reservations, who run the farm today.

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Now open to the public, the estate includes historic farm buildings, the oldest dating back to The wetland areas are home to the rare blue and yellow spotted salamander. Click here to sign the Guestbook. After going to sea, he returned to raise his family in a house built around close to the Paine House. After becoming a summer retreat for the Dodge family in , who turned the Paine House into a guesthouse, Greenwood Farm was acquired by The Trustees of Reservations in The house today contains a fine collection of Colonial Revival furniture and decorative arts.

Ipswich, Massachusetts - Planet Ipswich : A bridge between the Ipswiches of the world

The reserve includes the glacially formed hill known as Bar Head, as well as Stage Island Pool; a freshwater pond created by salt workings that were undertaken here during the nineteenth century. It is home to a pack of British Columbian timber wolves a subspecies of the gray wolf started from five cubs donated from other organisations across the USA.

At any one time the pack consists of around ten to twelve individuals. Wolf Hollow is open to the public at weekends, during which visitors are given an hour long presentation. James Appleton Morgan, the author of the poem below, was born in Portland, Maine in I love to think of old Ipswich town, Where Whitefield preached in the church on the hill, Driving out the Devil till he leaped down From the steeple's top, where they show you still, Imbedded deep in the solid rock, The indelible print of his cloven hoof, And tell you the Devil has never shown Face or hoof since that day in the honest town.

I love to think of old Ipswich town; Where they shut up the witches until the day When they should be roasted so thoroughly brown, In Salem village twelve miles away; They've moved it off for a stable now; But there are the holes where the stout jail stood, And, at night, they say that over the holes You can see the ghost of old Goody Coles.

I love to think of old Ipswich town; That house at your right, a rod or more, Where the stern old elm trees seem to frown If you peer too hard through the open door, Sheltered the regicide judges three When the royal sheriffs were after them, And a queer old villager once I met, Who says in the cellar they're living yet. I love to think of old Ipswich town; Harry Main - you have heard the tale - lived there; He blasphemed God, so they put him down With an iron shovel, at Ipswich Bar; They chained him there for a thousand years, As the sea rolls up to shovel it back; So when the sea cries, the good wives say "Harry Main growls at his work to-day.

I love to think of old Ipswich town, Old Ipswich town in the east countree, Whence on the tide, you can float down Through the long salt grass to the wailing sea, And lie all day on the glassy beach, And learn the lesson the green waves teach, Till at sunset, from surf and seaweed brown, You are pulling back to Ipswich town. From the s to the s, women throughout the town of Ipswich, Massachusetts, were heavily engaged in the only successful commercial production of handmade bobbin lace in the United States. Today handmade Ipswich Lace is rare, and nearly always found as museum pie ces. Ipswich was a prosperous port until the s, when the Ipswich River silted up, closing the harbour to larger ships.

This brought about an economic depression as the menfolk lost their livelihoods. About , in order to compensate for this loss of income, a group of Ipswich women started making and selling bobbin lace, used for collars, cuffs or trim on handkerchiefs and household linens. The distinctive patterns were mostly floral, geometrical or abstract. Unlike needle lace, bobbin lace is made using spools to hold the many threads that go into it. In the 18th cent ury the thread and pins were imported, but the bobbins were made locally and passed down from mother to daughter.

Wearing lace was a status symbol for both men and women. However, at that time only the wealthiest colonists could afford to buy imported French, Flemish or English lace. The cheaper Ipswich Lace soon became so popular that traders travelled to Salem and Boston to sell it. The onset of the Revolutionary War cut off European imports and gave a further boost to the industry. Owning Ipswich Lace now became a source of national pride. By some women, more than 1 in 4 of the adult female population, were engaged in lace production in Ipswich.

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Then the men got involved. In an effort to mechanise the industry, Ipswich men in the s started importing machines from Britain that could produce background netting. Men monitored the machines, while the women embroidered the designs on the netting. Lace, once a symbol of wealth, lost its social prestige, having been replaced by machine laces that were available to almost everyone. Within two decades the handmade Ipswich Lace industry was gone. Crane beach is recognised as one of the most important breeding sites in the world for the endangered piped plover; a species that came close to extinction in the nineteenth century.

Around species of birds have been recorded here. Ipswich Range Lights were two lighthouses located on Crane Beach to serve as a navigation aid for mariners coming through the main channel toward the mouth of the Ipswich River. Originally both towers had fixed lights but, due to mariners confusing these with a pair of fixed lights on Plum Island to the north, the western tower was quickly replaced with a revolving light.

Situated to the east of town, just off the Argilla Road, stands Heartbreak Hill; made famous in the poem of that name by Celia Thaxter. Celia Thaxter was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Darrel Day

She lived much of her life on Appledore Island, where she ran the Appledore House hotel for many years. The actual source of the named Ipswich River or alternatively the M ill Brook occurs in swampland just north of Mill Pond Reservoir near to Burlington, although the Sawmill Brook is the larger and longer tributary. The upper parts of the river can sometimes dry up during the summer months. The Ipswich River watershed covers an area of approximately sq miles, providing drinking water for an estimated , people.

The Ipswich River runs for eight miles through the Sanctuary. Situated on the Atlantic coast of northern Massachusetts, Ipswich Bay stretches from the southern tip of Plum Island to the most northerly point of Cape Ann; a distance of around six miles. This is the easternmost point of the town of Ipswich, where it borders the town of Essex. From the mouth of the Annisquam, the coastline of Ipswich Bay takes a northeasterly turn onto Cape Ann, with Annisquam Harbor Light, see photo, right situated on Wigwam Point overlooking the bay. There has been a lighthouse here since , although the current structure dates fro m Further north along the Cape Ann coastline is the small community of Bay View, with the headland of Davis Neck jutting out into the bay.

Essex County, in which Ipswich is situated, is the most north easterly county of Massachusetts. In the east it is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean. In , the ninth Governor of Massachusetts, Elbridge Gerry, divided the electoral districts of Essex County to favour the Democratic-Republican party candidates over the Federalists. Jacquelin Thomas. Goddesses of War. A Crystal Angel. Dawn Brower. The Goddess Test Collection Volume 2.

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